Is it worth it to buy a Tesla Model 3?


The future is unquestionably electric. If the rest of the country follows California’s example and ends fossil-fuel vehicles, it will not be long before all automakers, such as Audi or Toyota, produce almost entirely electric cars.

You may want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to your automobile, but battery-powered models are relatively new to the market, and consumer caution is rife. After all, what happens if you run out of power before you can locate a charging station? And how long do you have to be connected before you can drive again?

Tesla has a long history of quelling people’s fears. Tesla cars are as future-proof as they get, and the Tesla Model 3 is all you need to prove it. Take a closer look at what makes the Tesla Model 3 tick, and whether it’s the right electric car for you.

The Tesla Model 3: A Quick Overview

Tesla wanted to make more affordable fully electric vehicles more accessible, and the Model 3 was their response.

It was in 2017 that Tesla launched the Model 3, which proved to be considerably more inexpensive without compromising on performance.

The initial Model 3 was available in a variety of versions, but the online lineup has since been simplified to focus on three popular variants: Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. The start-price for a base model is $35,000, with the most expensive costing $53,490.

With everything, you get what you pay for. If you spend more money, you can expect a greater range and quicker acceleration. The Standard Range Plus has one electric motor that produces 263 miles per charge and takes 5.3 seconds to reach 60 mph.

Other variants receive a boost from a bigger battery, second electric motor, and all-wheel drive, with the Long Range achieving 315 miles per charge and the Performance hitting 60mph in just 3.1 seconds. If you still weren’t convinced that electricity could perform like petrol after seeing these figures, you’ve been converted now.

Tesla has a long history of producing innovative, cutting-edge automobiles; the Model 3 is no exception. Every element of the Model 3 is as sci-fi as it gets, from the sleek exterior with an extended glass roof to the top-of-the-range interior with heated seats, wireless charging stations, touchscreen system, and next-generation entertainment system (‘Karaoke,’ anyone?). It’s almost like an iPhone on wheels.

Finally, for another $10,000, you may have a full self-driving computer installed in your vehicle, allowing you to relax on your commute. Also, the key fob? It’s a Tesla app that only people who own the vehicle can use. The Model 3 may lack in terms of comfort at lower speeds, jostling passengers about somewhat. While it doesn’t have the finely tuned suspension of a tough SUV like say an off-roader or 4Runner, it isn’t a reason to avoid it either.

Why Is the Tesla Model 3 So Popular in the United States?

Overall, Tesla Model 3 reviews are quite favorable, whether in the United States or abroad. But it’s more than simply popular: it’s the best-selling battery-powered vehicle of all time, having sold over 600,000 units since October 2020.

This is due to the ideal combination of circumstances: Tesla’s reputation as a vehicle manufacturer, the low price range, the car’s outstanding performance, and the worldwide move toward electricity.

Furthermore, the Tesla network of Supercharger stations allows Tesla drivers to recharge at thousands of plug-in points across the United States for free.

What Is the Best Year for a Tesla Model 3?

Because the Model 3 has been on the market for just over three years in the United States, there aren’t many year versions to select from, but it’s reasonable to assume that the most recent (2021) version is the finest so far.

Main changes include a new black trim to the outside, range-improving 20in Uberterbine wheels, and double-glazed windows for improved insulation. The most significant upgrade, however, is a game-changing heat pump that improves climate control while using less battery power.

The only disadvantage to the luxury vehicle is that the heat pump is located in the frunk (front trunk), which means less storage space for shopping. However, with all it has to offer, it’s well worth the minor restriction.

A History of the Tesla Model 3: A Chronology

The Tesla Model 3’s history is brief and sweet, but what lies ahead is most intriguing:

Tesla releases the Model 3 in 2016. It is expected to sell for $35,000 and be a low-cost, high-volume electric vehicle. It sacrifices spatial and velocity for more affordability than the previous Model S.

Tesla’s Model 3 (2017-2018) becomes the costliest model in Tesla’s lineup, with a base price of $35,000 before incentives. Production begins in 2017 but due to difficulties at Tesla, the vehicle costs more than expected. Elon Musk maintains that a $35,000 version is still on the way, and the company spends the next two years trying to figure out how to make it happen. Despite its shaky start, the Model 3 was voted 2018’s best-selling plug-in vehicle by car review websites.

In 2019, Tesla announced plans to produce a more affordable model with a starting price of $35,000. This version finally debuts in 2020, as a result of a long list of concessions including the closing of most Tesla stores, reductions to the car’s interior, and software-limiting the battery. Due to the high demand for the Standard Plus variation, it is quickly pulled from online sales, but it may still be purchased in store. For the second year running, in 2019, the Model 3 is recognized as the world’s best-selling plug-in electric vehicle. 2021-2022: Despite having a 7-year head start, the Tesla Model 3 surpasses the Nissan Leaf as the most popular electric car of all time in 2021. The Model 3 gets a 2021 “mid-life facelift” that includes a revolutionary heat pump to fix some problems with prior models.

Is Tesla a good place to get your car serviced?

The New Vehicle Limited Warranty guarantees that every new Tesla is protected for four years or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first). The battery and drive unit are covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles on the Model 3, which extends to 120,000 miles for the Long Range and Performance versions.

Tesla’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage extends to used vehicles purchased directly from the company. When this expires, the remaining portion of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty transfers to you. You’ll get a one-year/10,000-mile extension from the day of your delivery if the New Vehicle Limited Warranty has already elapsed.

The True Cost of Ownership

The cost of a basic car would be between $35,000 and $44,000 depending on which variation you pick. Of course, this does not take into account the additional expenditures associated with vehicle ownership: Car ownership costs =

(The cost of purchasing a vehicle) + (Registration fees in the state where you bought the vehicle) +

COVID costs a maximum of $23 per hour to operate, based on average prices.

The second is fluid loss. Fluid lost in the shower will create a large amount of steam and require several trips to empty your water heater, which may cost you quite a bit of money over time. If you use too much detergent or scald yourself with hot water, there could be additional expenses for repairs and maintenance throughout the years.

The only real way to feel completely secure while driving is to purchase an extended warranty. You can be certain that regaining access to the road won’t deplete your finances if you have the appropriate coverage.

Before You Purchase a Tesla Model 3, There Are a Few Things to Think About

So, is the Tesla Model 3 still at the top of your list? Take a look at our information breakdown before you go to their website and start personalizing one:

The Standard Range Plus has a rated output of 241 Wh/mile. The EPA rates the vehicle at 250 miles per charge in ideal conditions, but that’s just typical driving without traffic or weather delays. In reality, depending on how you drive and other factors like air conditioning use, your vehicle may go up to 400 miles before requiring a recharge.

Anyone looking to switch to a battery-powered vehicle without paying over the odds will love this. While the Model 3 isn’t cheap, it offers a balance of performance, luxury, and affordability that no other vehicle can match.

Tesla provides warranty protection on both new and pre-owned Tesla vehicles purchased straight from them, but there is no extended warranty plan for the Model 3 when it comes to warranties. Third-party insurance coverage plans are frequently less expensive and more beneficial than those provided by manufacturers.

The best time to buy is right now, since the 2021 model is considered by many to be the finest Model 3 yet. The recent addition of a high-tech heat pump has made it even more desirable.

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